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Comment here, anonymously or not, and tell me whatever you like. Tell me a story, a secret, how your day went, or what you think about me. Tell me whatever your heart desires. Or ask me a question- I'll reply no matter what the answer would be. Just say something!
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This journal is no longer in use.
My name is Sadie, but I usually go by Dee instead. I just turned twenty one and I live in Indiana. I'm a full time mother and engaged to my daughter's father. I plan on going to college soon, but I'm not sure what for just yet. I'm a huge video game nerd and I love all music and movies. I'm currently trying to write a book but I suffer from sever writer's block. I am drug free and love living my life this way. If you think we have anything in common, feel free to add me! My journal is currently friend's only because I write about a lot of personal things I'm dealing with, as well as information about my family.

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August 2nd: Court Date
August 18th: Anniversary
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